Edgar’s Oriental Beauty

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Edgar’s Oriental beauty from Vietnam. Characterful flavour of muscatel grapes with a natural sweetness. Infusion bright and fresh. Always a delight to drink.

Organic tea.

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This tea is grown high in the mountains of Jin Xuan, Vietnam close to the Fansipan mountain peak. Elevations of the tea range from 800-1200 m above sea level. Everyday water from the top of Fansipan flows down into the natural irrigation system for the tea trees. Tea leaves are collected by more than 2,000 ethnic highland people (Hmong, Red Dzao people) and cultivated according to Rainforest alliance and organic standards to make this fragrant and sweet Oolong tea type.
 The green tea leafhopper (jacobiasca formosana), feeds on the leaves, stems, and buds. These insects suck the phloem juices out of the tea stems, leaves, and buds, the penetration area then oxidizes and leads to the tea plant’s production of monoterpene diol and hotrienol. These substances give the tea its unique flavor and add a sweet note to the tea.

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Oolong tea, Organic



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