Edgar’s Tong Lu

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Special and rare black tea made using white tea leaves. Exquisite dry leaf. A  Beautifuly made tea and very rare to see tea made of this quality.  The liquor is coloury, thick and brisk. It takes a lot of skill to make tea as good as this.


If you already have a tea caddy/or airtight tin in which to store your tea try the letter box package.  This will save money on weight and postage, less fuel consumption, good for the environment  – everyone happy!


Edgar’s Tong Lu. This tea is one of the most beautifully made black teas you will ever see. Not only does it look good but it tastes fantastic! After the fresh leaves are plucked, they are withered and heat-treated, then rolled and withered again. Then they are baked three times and finally packed. This black tea is very special in taste because and it is produced using the white tea leaves.

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Tea Type

Black tea



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Shipping method

Fancy Canister, Letter Box Parcel


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