Edgar’s Seowang Sejak

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Delicate sweet green liquor with a hint of asparagus. This organic green tea is produced at the Seogwang Tea Farm at an altitude of 156 meters in Seogwipo-si (City), Jeju Island (Province), South Korea.

If you already have a tea caddy/or airtight tin in which to store your tea try the letter box package.  This will save money on weight and postage, less fuel consumption, good for the environment  – everyone happy!


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This organic green tea is produced at the Seogwang Tea Farm was founded in 1984 and currently employs 50 workers.
It is located in an altitude of 156 meters in Seogwipo-si (City), Jeju Island (Province), South Korea. The island is a volcanic island surrounded by the beautiful sea and is a wonderful place endowed with fresh air, clean water, and fertile soil. Jeju Island’s environmental conditions such as average temperature, minimum temperature, and annual precipitation are ideal for growing Green Tea, making the island one of Korea’s Top 3 areas for tea harvest. Seogwang Tea Farm uses Yabukita, Geumgokrok, and Hyeopsanhyang tea cultivars and produces EU and NOP Organic certified tea.
Sejak specifically is handpicked in the latter part of April. The tea grows in natural shading on volcanic soil with optimized rainfall, from which it receives its unique flavor. All teas are controlled by professional researchers who check the content of tea every day and decide the fertilizing and harvest time. Korean Green Tea has the advantage that it is both steamed and roasted during the production process. The steaming process gives the tea a fresh taste, while the roasting process gives it a nutty taste. Furthermore, it increases the amount of amino acids, giving the tea a hint of sweetness. Korean Green Tea’s unique taste comes mostly from its special production process.

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