Edgar’s Jasmine Pearls

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This tea is exquisite and very difficult to beat. Flavoursome delicate liquor. The balls will slowly open to release their delicate flavours and aromas. Sit down and enjoy.

If you already have a tea caddy/or airtight tin in which to store your tea try the letter box package.  This will save money on weight and postage, less fuel consumption, good for the environment  – everyone happy!


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Authentic Jasmine Pearls of exceptional quality. Edgar’s Jasmine pearls have a hint of sweetness and are highly fragrant. Fresh jasmine flowers have been rolled gently with this quality green tea. As the old adage says “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” and this is certainly true when you treat yourself to a cup of this fantastic tea. Due to the quality of this tea, you will only need a maximum of 2-3 pearls per cup to enjoy the sublime flavour. Sit back & treat yourself to a glass of luxury for less than 50 euro cents per cup! Live like a millionaire……… whenever you want!
Don’t forget use water at 80 degrees centigrade to brew best.

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Green tea



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Fancy Canister, Letter Box Parcel


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