Edgar’s Japan Saemidori

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Edgar’s Saemidori is a light to middle steamed high quality Japanese Green Tea from Miyazaki prefecture on Kyushu Island. It is has a very rich green in colour both in leaf and cup, with a fresh, rich umami taste.If you are looking for excellent Japanese green tea at a good price, then this is a perfect option.

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Saemidori is the name of a special tea cultivar produced in 1969 and is a hybrid of the Yabukita cultivar and the Asatsuyu cultivar. The Asatsuyu cultivar is of high quality but the quantity at harvest is low, plus it’s very weak against frost. To remedy this, Asatsuyu was crossed with Yabukita in 1969.
“Saemidori” means clear green and that is what this tea is very clear in liquor and very green in colour.

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Green Tea



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Low to medium

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Fancy Canister, Letter Box Parcel


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