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Edgar’s teas are hand-picked and chosen especially for you. My tea peeps have more than 50 years of tea buying experience and they understand what makes quality in tea. They also understand that drinking tea and liking tea is a personal thing and everyone has a different preference. That’s why when my tea peeps choose my teas they try to combine top quality with something unusual, something with a little twist, that as a tea connoisseur, you have perhaps not seen before, something perhaps that will change your view on a tea type that previously had not taken your fancy.
Be open, try our teas and experience the world of quality tea out there. You may not always like it but you will learn to appreciate diversity and just how diverse and different tea can be. This will motivate you to keep on searching for those jewels. Remember, no two teas are ever the same even if they are produced in the same tea garden in the same month in the same year. Different temperatures, different rainfall, different sunshine and much, much more can affect the way a tea tastes, what makes a great tea and what makes an ok tea. That is why the proof is always in the tasting of the tea. Just do it, taste tea YOLO!

Do you have a business and are you looking for specialist tea buying support in sourcing your tea? Would you like us to help you your own private label? Please contact us via the contact form. No business is too small, all enquiries are welcome.

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