Edgar’s Little Cute Cakes – Pu Erh

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These little 8gm “cute cakes” of Pu Erh are ideal to take on any journey. Just pop them in your back with Edgar’s tea thermos.
They taste great and have that classical Pu Erh flavour. The longer you keep them the better they taste!

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This tea grows in the Yunnan province and is harvested in spring (March/April).
Uncooked Pu Erh (also known as Raw Pu Erh or Sheng Pu Erh) is slowly oxidized over time and gradually develops its earthy flavour.
Pu Erh is one of the few teas that, like a good wine, get better with time.
The Chinese also refer to these 8g cakes as “little cute cakes” as usually Pu Erh cakes are 200g or more. The 8g version is especially convenient for infusions.

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Green Tea



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Med – Low

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