Edgar’s Dragon Jasmine Pearls “Buddah’s Tears”

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Just when you thought you could not beat the quality of Edgar’s Jasmine pearls we are here to suprise you. Yes the Buddah’s tears are even more exquisite.
Jasmine tea is thought to have many positive effects such as calming the mind, relieving depression, Qi regulating, anti-aging and improving the immunity of the body. Not only the taste but it’s potential health benefits make it a favourite with many.

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Produced in the growing region: Fuliang, Jiangxi (base tea), Hengxian (jasmine flowers) and harvested period: Apr/May (base tea)
According to the historical records of the Han Dynasty, Jasmine originated in the ancient Roman Empire and reached ancient Persia and Tenjiku through the Maritime Silk Road during the Han Dynasty. After arriving in India, it became a sacred flower of Buddhism and then spread to China along with Indian Buddhism.

Jasmine tea originated from the Han Dynasty and the innovation of traditional Chinese medicine promoted the birth of Jasmine tea.

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China , Sichuan and Guizhou

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Special Green Tea



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