Edgar’s Anji Bai Cha

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Edgar’s Anj Bai Cha has an extremely beautiful leaf both dry and infused. Delicate sweet flavoury liquor with a hint of asparagus. Very subtle floral tones also present.

If you already have a tea caddy/or airtight tin in which to store your tea try the letter box package.  This will save money on weight and postage, less fuel consumption, good for the environment  – everyone happy!

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A white tea. This is an exceptional white tea grown in Anji county in Zhejiang province. When you choose to drink white tea this is the quality you should drink. Superb! This tea is harvested in the Yu-Shan Wu Lake area by hand. The tea is withered on bamboo mats for 6-12 hours. After withering the tea is fixed by applying high temperature and then rolled and baked twice. The traditional white tea of Anji county was lost in the area for many years until, by chance, a farmer found one tree where the leaves looked white instead of the usual green. He went on to cultivate this tree. This white tea contains 6 times the amino acids of other green teas giving it a sweet taste. It is claimed that this tea was the only white tea to have been recorded in the in the Song Dynasty 960-1279 AD.

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Green Tea, Organic



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Fancy Canister, Letter Box Parcel


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